Parent Mentor

Parents who have a child with special needs often feel helpless and alone. Talking with someone who can give them specific guidance can bring a sense of security to parents who wonder what to do when their child does not fit the pattern for the usual growth and development.

Sharing ideas provides the new parent with concrete skills and suggestions as well as hope for the future.

The goal of the mentoring program is to put parents of children with disabilities or chronic illness in touch with a volunteer support parent whom we call a resource parent. The new parent is matched to a resource parent who has a child with the same or similar disability and will offer emotional support, sharing of practical day-to-day tips and networking to find needed services in the community.

Since our resource parents have “been there” and know from personal experience the challenges and special joys that come with parenting a child with a disability, they are able to provide information and emotional support in ways that only someone who has been there can.
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It takes a special individual to become a resource parent. Some qualities we look for when accepting resource parents are: flexibility, honesty, hope, knowledge, patience and non-defensiveness. All of our resource parents are formally trained by a social worker. Interested individuals are asked to attend a one-day training session before being matched with a prospective family. This is for the benefit and protection of both the resource parent and families.
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