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Technical committees on employment and emergency egrees

Starting today, we are recruiting volunteer* experts for two new technical committees. These committees will create employment and emergency egress accessibility standards.



Experts with disabilities are key to the successful development of accessibility standards.  Each technical committee will consist of 12 to 18 members. All experts are required to represent one of the following categories:

► Industry and commerce

► Government authorities

► Consumer and public interest

► Labour and unions

► University and research groups

► Non-governmental organizations

► Standards development organizations

How to apply

Our goal is to make the process accessible and easy for all candidates.

Deadline to apply: December 21, 2020, 11:59 p.m. Eastern Standard Time.

Here are the ways to apply:


A) Apply online

Follow these steps:

1.   Click on the technical committee you are interested in above.

2.   Click on the Apply button.

3.   Fill out the online form. You will need to attach your resume (maximum two pages).

4.   Submit the form.

5.   You will see a message confirming submission.


B) Apply in American Sign Language (ASL) or Langue des signes québécoise (LSQ)
Choose one of the following 2 ways :

1.   Follow the steps right above to apply online. Then attach a video in ASL or LSQ that describes your expertise in the "Resume" field. You will see a message confirming submission.

2.   Simply send us an ASL or LSQ language video describing your expertise by email.

C) Other ways to apply

To apply by mail, by phone or through other means, please contact us:






1 833 854 7628


By mail

Accessibility Standards Canada

125 Sussex Drive

Terrace level

Suite 010, Confederation Hall

Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0G2


If you have any issues or questions, or if you need help applying, please contact us (contact information right above).


Thank you for considering sharing the news in your network!


*We are following Canadian and international best practices to develop our standards. These are volunteer roles, but if an expert with a disability is not paid by an organization, we will pay them for their role on a technical committee.

Leah Bowman at 9:18 AM
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