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ClimateActionWR-Equity in Active Transportation

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In 2015, nearly half (49%) of our community’s GHG emissions came from how we move people and goods. Furthermore, short distance trips of less than five kilometres make up nearly 50% of all travel by residents within the region that could generally be achieved using active forms of transportation.


Not all individuals and communities have the resources to transition to low or no emission transportation, such as active transportation. Programs to address diverse barriers must be implemented so that all residents can travel easily and safely to their destinations. These programs must be designed in partnership with equity-deserving groups, and consider interconnected barriers such as safety, funding, education, and community design.


Equity in Active Transportation | Discussion & Review

The goal of this event is to facilitate discussion and create a comprehensive list of projects occurring in Waterloo region which support equitable access to active transportation.


Agenda: Moderated panel discussion with 4 panelists, followed by break out rooms to extend the conversations from the panel.



Joe Mancini, Director at The Working Centre
Arcy Canumay, Bicycle Mayor of Waterloo and TravelWise Manager
Samantha Leger, PhD Candidate and Urban Planner at CIMA+
Kornel Mucsi, Transportation Planning Manager at The Region of Waterloo

ClimateActionWR-Equity in Active Transportation
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Wednesday January 19, 2022 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM
Community Event

* Registration is not required for this event.