Ontario Adult Autism Research and Support Network (OAARSN) Adult Autism News, 2 July 2015

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Click here to read the July 2 edition of the OAARSN’s Adult Autism News. Contents include research reports and news, especially about how adults with autism may experience pain, and most from the Simons Foundation Autism Research Initiative. Lots of interesting articles, including “Presuming Intellect: 10 Ways to Enrich Our Relationships through a Belief in Competence” and “Facing Adult Opportunities and Challenges Successfully”.

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Gastrointestinal Research in Children with Autism: Participants Needed

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Professor Emma Allen-Vercoe, at the University of Guelph, is researching the gastrointestinal (gut) symptoms that are often seen in children with autism. The researchers are looking for two sets of participants ages 1 to 8 years:

1. children who have been diagnosed with autism and have gut issues

2. children who are neurotypical, healthy and free of antibiotic exposure.

Participants should live within a reasonable driving distance of Guelph.

They want to reach as many parents as possible who might be interested in participating in this valuable project. They believe that the researchers will get results which will ultimately help autistic children.

If you are interested, please contact Susan Watts at:

Phone: (519) 827-7768

E-mail: susanwatts@autisminterventionclinic.ca

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