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Privacy Statement



Page icon with an orange lock on it. Waterloo Region Family Network (WRFN) is committed to protecting your privacy.


Collection and Use of Information

As a necessary part of our work, WRFN collects and uses related personal information. WRFN is committed to protecting and securing the information entrusted to us and we comply with all privacy laws related to this.


WRFN collects and records personal information about the people we support, our employees and volunteers, and our donors. This information is collected from the person directly or from someone acting on their behalf. WRFN only collects the information it needs to perform its services.


The personal information we collect may include:

  • Personal name, date of birth, and contact information
  • Names and contact information of family members and significant others
  • Information contained within a request for support application
  • Information that has been shared with WRFN regarding the person supported
  • Information that is provided to WRFN by employees, volunteers and donors
  • Any other personal information that might affect the provision of supports and services


We use the information we collect to:

  • Allow members of our team to provide supports and services where requested
  • Make referrals on behalf of families/individuals supported as requested
  • Ensure we can contact the families/individuals we support
  • Understand the needs of the families/individuals we support
  • Maintain information for employer obligations
  • Support volunteers and donors with their connection to WRFN
  • Maintain accountability as a service provider
  • Comply with and meet legal and regulatory requirements


Retention of Information

We protect personal information from theft, loss and unauthorized access, copying, modification, use, disclosure and disposal.


We monitor and manage our privacy and confidentiality practices. Only authorized personnel have access to personal information.


Subject to applicable law, personal information is destroyed when it is no longer needed for the purpose for which it is collected, unless we consider it necessary to retain some or all of the personal information for future proceedings.


Disclosure of Information

We will not disclose personal information without consent except where required by law, where failure to do so might result in serious injury or death of self or others, or where there is knowledge of suspicion of child abuse.


All information provided to third parties for purposes of payroll and benefit administration or other purposes related to why the personal information was collected will be used only for the intended purposes and not disclosed to any other party.


Access to Information and Withdrawal

Subject to limited exceptions, upon request, WRFN will give you access to any of your personal information in our possession. You may verify the accuracy and completeness of your personal information, and may request that it be amended, if appropriate.


You may withdraw consent to the use and disclosure of personal information at any time, unless the personal information is necessary for us to fulfill our legal obligations. Withdrawal of consent may mean that we are not able to provide you with some or all of our services.


For more information about our privacy protection practices, to request access to your information or withdrawal of your information, or to raise a concern you have with our practices, please contact Sue Simpson at 519-886-9150 ext 1 or at sue.simpson@wrfn.info