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What I have come to learn is while, yes, I am a mentor, I am also always a mentee. So often when I am helping a family, I come away with something I can use in my own life. I learn as I offer advice. I feel understood as I offer understanding. I feel supported as I offer support. WRFN’s parent mentor program has shown me how much we, as parents, need each other and can be there for each other like no one else.

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- WRFN Parent Mentor


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Parents of children with special needs share a unique bond – one only they can truly understand. They travel similar roads; face similar challenges; seek answers to similar questions; and need similar supports.


Through our Parent Mentor Program, we provide a means for parents to connect with each other, as well as guide, support and help empower each other to work through the highs and lows that make up their journeys.


Our Parent Mentors provide information and emotional support; share ideas and strategies; and connect their mentees with community resources.


Participants build personal coping skills, while expanding their support networks – a winning combination that helps strengthen confidence and reduce isolation. 


Connecting with a Parent Mentor


If you would like to be connected to another parent who has been through a similar experience, please call Sue Simpson at 519-886-9150, ext. 1 or email sue.simpson@wrfn.info to learn more.


Interested in Becoming a Parent Mentor?


Our Parent Mentors must be good listeners, and demonstrate flexible, honest, hopeful, knowledgeable, patient and non-defensive qualities. All Parent Mentors receive formal training.  If you would like to become a Parent Mentor and share your experiences and support a parent facing similar challenges you’ve been through, please call Sue Simpson at 519-886-9150, ext. 1 or email sue.simpson@wrfn.info to learn more.