Parent Mentor

Parent Mentor

Parents who have a child with special needs often feel helpless and alone. Talking with someone who can give them specific guidance can bring a sense of security to parents who wonder what to do when their child does not fit the pattern for the usual growth and development.


WRFN Programs

Programs at Waterloo Region Family Network include a variety of workshops and seminars, ongoing support groups and personal guidance to ensure families are aware of and appropriately connected to all available community resources. Our programs also include social and skill development groups.


WRFN Resources

Our resources page includes information and links on many topics: Advocacy, Support, Respite, Education, Financial Assistance, Camps, Employment needs, Health, Transportation and much more.

Vulnerable Persons Registry: In the event of an emergency, The Registry provides police access to helpful information such as: emergency contacts, detailed description, ways to communicate.

Community News on has expanded to include news and events in Waterloo Region.

Autism in High School is a new web-based guide to help students with Autism Spectrum Disorder and their families as they navigate the transitions and common challenges of high school.

Upcoming Events

Autism Ontario – Children’s Workshop – Understanding the ASD Diagnosis with Heather Kidd

In recent years, many parents and caregivers have begun to seek advice about introducing the diagnosis to their children.
Children and youth with an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) frequently recognize that they are different from their peers. They often experience social failure leading to frustration, loneliness, isolation, a diminished self- esteem, anxiety and mood problems.

Explaining the Diagnosis to the Child with Autism: Should the Child be Told?

The consensus is overwhelmingly in favor of telling the child and telling him or her early on.   Yet, parents often express concerns that telling their child may change the way he views himself and lower his self-esteem. However, the opposite seems to be true. Even having a basic understanding of autism/AS generally reduces the child’s fears and self-blame and can help him better understand and accept himself. It also opens the door for the child to learn strategies to cope more successfully with the challenges he faces.

The goal of this 8 week group, is to help children understand their differences and to explore their strengths, talents and challenges. It is through knowledge, insight and self-awareness that children can learn self-acceptance, gain self-worth and learn to advocate for themselves.

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To register please complete the form. If you have questions please contact Lourdes Toro or Christa Moniz


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Community CarShare – Accessible Vehicle

Community CarShare and Extend-A-Family Waterloo Region are conducting a survey in order to evaluate the demand for access to an accessible vehicle as part of the Community CarShare fleet. An initial stakeholder group has met to create a draft plan, seek funding, and distribute this survey to their respective networks. Your responses are important to so please provide as much feedback as possible.

The link for the survey is:

For any additional information please contact Matthew Piggott at

Family Literacy Survey

When families talk, read, sing, draw and play with shapes and numbers together, they are improving their skills for learning and life.

Project READ Literacy Network, a charitable organization in Waterloo Region, wants your help to understand more about how families engage together and what makes doing these things difficult.

Please complete this survey. Your insights will give them ideas for how to help families develop the skills they need.

If you have any questions about this survey, please contact Jen Vasic at Capacity Canada: or (519) 504-5831.

Family Alliance Ontario is looking for Information

Family Alliance Ontario (FAO) is asking its Affiliated Family Networks and Family-Directed Groups to reach out to those who have experienced requests for Quality Assurance Measures implementation and Behaviour Management Plans.

Families are raising concerns that service agencies and MCSS have been requesting the implementation of certain MCSS Quality Assurance Measures in family homes with individualized arrangements and in the homes of people with individualized arrangements.  Families are also reporting that organizations are requesting Behaviour Management Plans to qualify for programs or services.

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