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Microboards Ontario-Microboards 102: The Role of Support Circles/Networks

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Ontario, Canada
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This webinar will be led by Judith McGill.


For individuals with disabilities making the decision to form a support circle can be the most important decision of their life. For families, inviting others to form a support circle around a loved one can be one of the most courageous and remarkable things they will ever do. Reaching out in this way makes individuals and their families feel particularly vulnerable and yet it gives them access to multiple perspectives and resources like never before. This workshop is designed to help participants broaden their imagination around who we are to one another.


Themes include:

• Creating a support circle/network and its benefits.

• Potential challenges of support circles/networks.

• The role of a Facilitator in the process of building circles/networks.

• Planning and decision-making within the support circle/network.

• How can it make good decisions?

• Shifting support circle/networks into Microboards.


Registration Cost: $75.00

To register for this workshop, please click here.


Please Note: The Microboards Ontario foundation series courses are considered an admissible expense under the Passport program of the Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services (MCCSS) for individuals and families, subject to the $2,500 limit on person-directed planning supports.


Online course will use Zoom conferencing. Zoom login will be emailed to you upon registration.


More information about the full Winter course offerings of Microboards Ontario can be found at https://www.microboardsontario.com/





Name: Microboards Ontario-Microboards 102: The Role of Support Circles/Networks
Price: $75.00 (Price 1) plus applicable taxes
Address: 00 00

Ontario, Canada
Date: Thursday March 11, 2021 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM
Categories: Community Event