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Workshop: Communication Skill Development and Autism

1120 Victoria ST N
Ontario, Canada
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This workshop will provide an overview of practcal strategies to support communicaton development for individuals with ASD and will cover

the following topics:

  • Social Communica��on Skills: conversa��onal skills, theory of mind, comic strip conversatons, hidden curriculum
  • Expressive Language: literal language, echolalia, scripts
  • Comprehension: visual supports, modifying language

Appropriate for: Parents and caregivers of individuals with ASD.

NOTE: You do not need to be a client of DSRC to attend.



Register by May 3, 2019

Online: http://www.dscwr.com/workshops-clinics-training/

Email: r.khanam@dscwr.com providing all details of the workshop you would like to attend.  

Call: 519-741-1121 and ask to speak with the Information Resource Assistant

Name: Workshop: Communication Skill Development and Autism
Price: Free
Address: 1120 Victoria ST N
Ontario, Canada
Date: Monday May 6, 2019 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM
Categories: Community Event