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Accessibility Standards Canada

Do not miss the exciting opportunity to join our newest technical committee!

Accessibility Standards Canada is now recruiting members for the new technical committee on Accessibility Requirements for Information and Communication Technology Products and Services.


Join this unique opportunity to make Canada more accessible! You must submit your application by March 9, 2022.


This committee will review an existing standard called the European Harmonised Standard EN 301 549: Accessibility Requirements for ICT Products and Services.


The goal of the committee is to make a recommendation on its official adoption in Canada. Since the committee is not creating a new standard, the process will be swift. This will allow the project to start as soon as possible.


We will create a balanced and inclusive committee that values the lived experience of people with disabilities. We are looking for 12 to 18 members who are familiar with accessibility issues related to information and communication technology. This includes:

  •        web-based technologies, non-web technologies, and hybrids that use both; and
  •        software, hardware, and information and communication technology services.

Join us to help adopt an accessibility standard for Canada. This technical committee is your chance to get involved. Have your voice heard!


Remember that you will have until March 9, 2022, to submit your application. Apply today by visiting our website.


Participate in a new public review!

At the same time, I am proud to announce the start of a new public review! The review period for the draft accessibility standard ASC/CSA B651, Accessible design for the built environment, will be open until April 24, 2022.


This is a revision of an existing standard. It has requirements for making built environments accessible to individuals with a range of disabilities. It updates old standards to include:

  •        new accessibility research;
  •        details on colour contrast;
  •        developments in tactile directions; and
  •        more clarity on how to meet the needs of these standards.

You are now able to review the standard, and contribute your experience in accessibility.


Interested parties may access the draft on the CSA Group website. Select your language of preference from the menu in the top right.


A one-time registration is required. You may comment directly online.


We are proud to work with CSA Group to contribute to a more inclusive and barrier-free Canada.


Leah Bowman at 9:59 AM
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