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Protect Patients: Stop Ford's Plan to Force People into Long Term Care

The Ford Conservatives just announced a terrifying plan to force seniors and people with disabilities to move without their consent from hospitals to long-term care homes. This does nothing to address the health care crisis and in fact worsens it.

We need to act now to stop this. Add your name and share our e-action 


Ford’s Bill 7 won’t do anything to fix our health crisis. In reality, it just furthers the Ford Conservatives' plan to privatize health care, by forcing seniors and other patients into the empty beds in private long term care facilities. Beds that are empty because no one wants to go to these facilities after seeing thousands of tragic deaths in these same private homes during the pandemic. What’s even worse is that he is denying the right of patients to appeal this decision and is fast tracking this legislation, hoping that people don’t notice and don’t fight back.

It is wrong to blame vulnerable people for a health care crisis that’s not their fault and force them into long-term care, potentially hundreds of kilometres outside their communities, away from their families and friends, and under threat of incredibly costly charges. There absolutely is a staffing crisis in health care in this province, but this won’t do a thing to address it.

We need a full stop to this legislation and to demand that Ford listen to Ontarians and make a plan to address the health care crisis by repealing Bill 124, raising wages, and making significant investments.

Before the government fast-tracks passage of this Bill, we have an opportunity to push the Ford Conservatives to do the right thing and protect patients.

Have your voice heard, and say NO to Bill 7:



Leah Bowman at 11:14 AM
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