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Survey Opportunity Regarding Experience of Siblings of People with Disabilities




Would you consider watching our webcast with info for sibs? And then responding to 3 questions? And if you know other siblings, would be great to get their feedback. We will be summarizing information from both for people in policy and in clinical settings for a report I am writing.


You could also forward this text to one or two other sibs that you know. We need more people to watch the video and answer these questions. The blue text is hyperlinked.


Are you a sibling of a person with a disability?  Watch our webcast, Understanding the Experiences of Siblings of People with Disabilities. The session sheds light on some of the research we have done on siblings of individuals with neurodevelopmental disabilities, and the challenges, joys, and important roles that siblings play in the lives of their family members with disabilities. After watching the video, click here to answer 3 questions to help us with our work: 

1. After watching the video, do you have any additional questions?

2. Do you have advice for parents on how they can include siblings in future planning?

3. What do you want service providers and policy makers to know about your experience as the sibling of a person with a disability?





Understanding the Experiences of Siblings of People with Disabilities

If you work for a community agency, service provider, or disability organization, we want to learn more about how organizations are including siblings in their programs and services. If you want to contribute to this research, please click here to complete our 5-minute survey. Your input holds significant importance to us, and we're thankful for your participation. 

Trish Coupal at 11:11 AM
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