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From time to time, the Waterloo Region Family Network (WRFN) is asked to distribute information on behalf of third parties. WRFN provides general information to self-advocates and families of children with special needs. The information provided on this website is not a recommendation, referral or endorsement of any resource, therapeutic method, or service provider. WRFN is not responsible for any information or services provided by third parties. You are urged to use independent judgment when considering any resource.



Adolescent ASD Research

Looking for children with ASD (nonverbal) or neurotypical children, age 12-18,  to participate in online emotion research.  Contact ASD@queensu.ca.The study is online. After answering a few questionnaires, participants will recieve $20 and a $10 Amazon gift card.

Trish Coupal at 11:38 AM
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Team PBS is accepting clients for ABA Services with no Waitlist

Team PBS improves lives, not just behaviours. With engaging support, our providers offer person-centered ABA to help individuals and their families do more things, go more places, and achieve more goals. 

  • Direct 1:1 services in the home, school and community settings.
  • Flexible schedules to best fit the needs of your family.
  • A simple application process
  • We provide services to varying abilities
  • Parent Portal with access to important documents, billing info and more
  • Improved social, daily living, academic, and executive functioning skills and decreased problem behaviours

Do you know someone who can benefit from these services or want to learn more?


Learn more about Anika here.


Find us in the Golden Triangle & Beyond Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge & Guelph.

Apply online at www.teampbs.com


Leah Bowman at 2:53 PM
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AIDE-The Autism and/or Intellectual Disability Knowledge Exchange Network

Check out this online Canadian wide resource AIDE Canada | Resources for Autism & Intellectual Disability

  • Many of the resources related to autism and other disabilities. 
  • A parent series of "ask a question" and the family responds with their experience; one for self advocates, as well
  •  A resource page where you can borrow books and items.  


Leah Bowman at 11:51 AM
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A-Team Wed Designer/Developer job posting

Are you on the autism spectrum?
Are you a web designer and/or a web developer?

The A-Team is primarily run by individuals with Aspergers Syndrome, for individuals with Aspergers Syndrome, with some assistance from Bridges to Belonging. Our goal is to create a safe and welcoming environment to meet fellow adults with Aspergers Syndrome [or ASD – level 1], discuss topics of interest, share experiences, and embrace our neurological diversity.


If you have past experience with either web design, web development, or both and are interested in a short-term contract arrangement to develop the A-Team’s website, please send a letter of interest to the Executive Director of Bridges to Belonging, Donnamarie Dunk at [email protected] indicating your experience, past projects you’ve worked on and links to the websites.


Qualified applicants will be invited to an interview to share details and evidence of their past experience, and will be provided with details of the project scope, design elements, timelines and compensation.


Please note that the project may involve either one contractor skilled in both web design and web development, or two individuals with separate skills and experience in design and development.

Leah Bowman at 12:18 PM
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Parental Self-Efficacy in Parents of Autistic Youth - Study Recruitment

My name is Rita Abdel-Baki and I am a Clinical Psychology PhD Student at the University of Guelph. I am completing my dissertation under the supervision of Dr. Kristel Thomassin in the Child Emotion and Mental Health Lab. For my dissertation, I am researching parental self-efficacy, or how well a parent feels able to meet their child’s needs, in parents of children with an autism spectrum disorder. I hope to learn more about how parental self-efficacy relates to parent, child, and systemic factors. This project has been reviewed by the Research Ethics Board for compliance with federal guidelines for research involving human participants (REB# 21-05-012). 


Parents or caregivers with a child who is 6-18 years old and has been diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder (including autistic disorder, Asperger’s syndrome, or pervasive developmental disorder – not otherwise specified (PDD-NOS)) are welcome to participate.


If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me at [email protected]

Leah Bowman at 3:45 PM
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