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CADDAC February Newsletter

Continue your ADHD education!


Access 8 premium seminars recorded live in Calgary at our 15th Annual ADHD Conference.


·    Mindfulness and ADHD by Dr. Mark Bertin (Keynote Speaker)

·    ADHD: Attention Doesn't Half Describe It by Dr. Bertin (Keynote Speaker)

·    ADHD Through The Lifespan by Dr. Heather Baker

·    ADHD Procrastination Paralysis by Rhiannon Carter BA, B.Ed., PCC, AAMC

·    ADHD and Comorbidities by Dr. Sam Chang

·    ADHD and Autism: Similarities and Differences by Dr. Michael Lee Zwiers

·    Mental Toughness by Dr. Brent Macdonald

·    Thriving in the 9 to 5 by Faelyne Templer

Click here to learn more


ADHD Support Groups


Feeling overwhelmed with life’s twists and turns? CADDAC’s ADHD Support Groups for Parents and Adults are led by trained facilitators who are all adults with ADHD.


Each session will allow you to share your story or strategies with others who understand what it means to be affected by ADHD. An email with the Zoom link will be sent a day before the session.


If you have participated in our ADHD Support Groups in the past, remember to re-register at the button below!


For more information about our ADHD Support Groups, contact info@caddac.ca


Click here to learn more and register


ADHD and Substance Use Disorder Peer-led Support Groups

New support groups!


CADDAC is launching new ADHD and Substance Use Disorder Peer-Led Support Groups in January 2024, with funding support from Health Canada.


Through these virtual group sessions, participants will receive emotional support and mentorship, critical education about ADHD, and strategies on how to manage some of the core symptoms that have led to substance use. These groups will be offered in different time zones across Canada and will be peer-led by trained Peer Support Facilitators.


Click here to learn more & register


Youth ADHD Group Coaching Program: 16-24 years

Runs April to May 2024

Limited spots available!


In the dynamic and engaging Youth ADHD Group Coaching Program, teens and young adults will not only learn more about ADHD and the impact it can have on their lives, but also gain tools and techniques to set themselves up for success and learn how to grow from past experiences and achieve their goals.


Together, we'll work on:

·    Living with ADHD

·    Managing emotions, time, and money

·    Self-advocacy

·    Creating their own personal goal plan

Click here to learn more or register


Adult ADHD Group Coaching Program

Runs April to May 2024

Limited spots available!


Are you an adult who struggles with ADHD? Do you feel overwhelmed by everything on your to-do list? Are you ready to learn new skills and create positive change in your life?


This 6-week group coaching program will introduce individuals to foundational topics for living well with ADHD, help them gain insight, build upon their strengths and add strategies to their ADHD toolbox.


**Please note that this program is designed for individuals personally living with ADHD.**


Click here to learn more & register

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