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From time to time, the Waterloo Region Family Network (WRFN) is asked to distribute information on behalf of third parties. WRFN provides general information to self-advocates and families of children with special needs. The information provided on this website is not a recommendation, referral or endorsement of any resource, therapeutic method, or service provider. WRFN is not responsible for any information or services provided by third parties. You are urged to use independent judgment when considering any resource.



Integration Action for Inclusion School Experiences Survey

This is aimed at learning about peoples' experiences in the school system both during COVID-19 and more generally. It is a longer survey (33 questions) aimed at trying to understand peoples' views and thoughts about schooling during COVID-19 and inclusive schooling in general. It also includes an opportunity for you to let us know your thoughts about a possible name change and if you have any time to spare as a volunteer. It should take no more than 15 minutes to complete. 


Complete the survey here.

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Recreational Respite-Virtual Services

Check out what Recreational Respite is offering for Virtual Service this December.

Click here an overview of programs.


Click here for...

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Family Pulse-November 2020

Welcome to November! 


Inside the November issue of Family Pulse you will find information on:

  • Working Through My All-or-Nothing Thinking
  • SEAC Updates
  • What's Happening at WRFN
  • Information, Resources, & Opportunities

You can read the online version of Family Pulse here or download a pdf copy


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Ontario Government survey for Developmental Service Reform

While some of you may already be aware, we wanted to bring to everyone's attention the Government of Ontario's new web-page dedicated to engagement on Developmental Services Reform.


The web-page can be found here.  


The page includes a survey that asks for ideas, comments and feedback on how to improve supports for people with developmental disabilities across Ontario.


They will be accepting submissions until Friday, December 4th.


Given the significance of this consultation, we encourage everyone to participate in this survey and to also share this information with others who may be interested in participating.


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Kerry's Place- Foundational Family Services & Groups

Kerry's Place has lots of learning opportunities for families and groups children with ASD.


Check out their Foundational Family Service catalogue here for learning opportunities for parents.

Check out their Groups catalogue here for chldren & youth to participate in & learn new skills.

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Racial Trauma & Healing

Are you a therapy client or therapist that self identifies as a person of colour?

Would you like to discuss your experiences in a research study?


Very little is known about the experiences of people of colour in psychotherapy practices in Canada. In this qualitative study, we will explore the experiences of therapy clients & therapist (RP & MSW) who identify as people of colour.


For more details on the study, click here.

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Wellbeing Waterloo- Finding Hope Movement

We invite you to join our ‘Finding Hope’ movement.


Hope is that feeling we experience when we see—in the mind’s eye—the possibility of a better future. Hope acknowledges the obstacles and pitfalls in front of us, but is unwavering in its resolve, unbreakable in its foundation, and stronger than we can comprehend. Finding Hope invites you to look around and find your reason to be optimistic. To be hopeful.

Finding hope invites you to look for and acknowledge where you find hope.

Take a picture. Write about it. Film a short video. Share the hope you found with others.


Visit Wellbeing Waterloo Region's website to find out more about Finding Hope and how to get involved.  

WWR is hosting a series of information sessions on the Finding Hope movement. Visit this document to see dates and times for the information sessions.

Use the hashtags #FindingHopeWWR and #FindingHopeMovement across social media!

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Adults in Motion Daily Virtual Programming

Adults in Motion is excited to share another month of Virtual Programming for November!

They have some new additions to their calendar, and newcomers are welcome! 

You can visit their website to learn more about in-person programming at their day programs, one to one, respite, and workshops.

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APSGO Kitchener Waterloo Parent Support Group

Are you a parent of an acting-out youth? The Association of Parent Support Groups in Ontario (APSGO) might be able to offer you support. 

For their flyer, click here.

For information on the KW Chapter meeting times and place, click here.


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COVID-19 Disability Survey – Very Different than others

Researchers at the Centre for Chronic Disease Prevention and Management at UBC Okanagan have teamed up with Ontario-based Abilities Centre to launch a national COVID-19 disability survey. 


So, what makes this survey different from everyone else’s survey happening right now? The disability community will have access to the information from these surveys. This survey is not a snapshot in time, or used for any purposes other than to identify the needs of our community. The information collected will help develop meaningful advocacy, strategies and actions that will work towards meeting these needs. This survey will address needs over the long term, and questions will be informed directly by our disability community.


All Canadians who have a disability, or have a child or family member living with a disability in their household, are asked to share their unique experiences and concerns while navigating COVID-19. The survey is fully accessible. 


The information collected from the survey will directly impact policymakers, businesses and organizations across Canada as they develop accessible and inclusive policies, processes and services. 


To participate in the COVID-19 Disability Survey, visit abilitiescentre.org/disabilitysurvey


For more information, contact: disabilitysurvey@abilitiescentre.org or call 1 866 639 1858. 

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